Rabbids Go Home on the Nintendo Wii

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I am a huge fan of any console game that can entertain myself and my four year old at the same time and Rabbids Go Home is a fantastic and fun filled game that is nothing like the mini-game Rayman series before it.  This is a good thing because my four year old actually doesn’t like the mini-games at all, but likes games like Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario Bros Wii or other games that are exploring, collecting and have missions and objectives.

In other words linear games with adventure, some humor and multiplayer is key.  Rabbids Go Home has a similar “helper hand” system to Super Mario Galaxy in that player 2 is a helper dot that can grab items and shoot Rabbids at enemies to assist the first player.  In Rabbids Go Home you play the cute and whacky Rabbids who are trying to get to the Moon and hatch a plan to build a heap pile of assorted junk that is tall enough to reach the moon.

Each episode has you control two Rabbids who steer a shopping cart loading it with junk to help build the pile back at the junkyard.  The fun comes in the types of objects you collect, the interaction with the Rabbids and the objects they encounter as well as being able to customize your Rabbid with the goodies you collect by completing missions successfully.  My four year old and I spent at least an hour a day all week playing the Rabbids Go Home game for the Nintendo Wii and I have just as much fun.

Rabbids Go Home is highly recommended if you have kids between 3 and 10 years old as they will get a kick of out the Rabbids whacking, hitting, screaming, and interacting with everything from dogs, robot toys and other stuff.

-Justin Germino

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