A Day at Woods Canyon Lake in Arizona

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Spent Sunday enjoying an escape from the 111 degree’s it has been lately to spend time up in Northern Arizona at Woods Canyon Lake where it is about 90 instead.

Though we didn’t catch any fish we did witness an eagle swoop down and grab a fish right out of the water.  I did manage to even take some pictures of a bald eagle and her eaglets in a pine tree on the other side of the lake.



Meanwhile we took the dogs up with us and they had a grand time exploring the woods and Donut went swimming in the lake.



Some crayfish, grasshoppers and a worm or two were the only things caught that day.



Though it is hard for me to tear away from technology, sometimes it is good just to get out in nature and take a day to relax and soak in some sun while being around the forest.


-Justin Germino

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