Keurig Made Me Lazier

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Seriously, I am not joking when I say that I have gotten a little more impatient and lazy as a result of my Keurig machine that I have had for over a year.  Now when I am out of K-Cups I actually groan with disgust, even though I have coffee grinds and have a filter K-Cup which can brew me as much coffee as I want I dislike the time it takes to clean out the filter (10 seconds), put grinds in filter (10 seconds) and slap it all together (10 seconds).  I am literally annoyed by the 30 extra seconds it takes to prepare a cup of coffee when I am out of K-Cups.

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Like I said, LAZY pure and simple.  Who would complain about this?  Me, I would because once I got hooked on the simplicity of “pop out”, “pop new one in”, “press brew” I simply get annoyed when making coffee takes more time than that.

I just wish I could hookup the Keurig machine to my faucet so that I didn’t even have to pre-fill up a cup a water and pour it into the machine first.  The Keurig cup at my old office you just pop in the K-Cup, put a mug under it and press start without needing to prefill any water in it.

Speaking of K-Cups I have experimented with several new varieties lately and these are my current TOP favorite ones.

[az_easel item=”B0033HPPIO,B003M7TTYG,B000NP109C”]




-Justin Germino

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