Cursive Handwriting Vanishing From Schools

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The decline in script or cursive handwriting is becoming more prevalent in the last ten years with it being almost eliminated from grades prior to 6th. With high school essays required to be in “typed” format and computers being used virtually everywhere it is no longer considered an essential skill to write elegantly, but just to write and read.

People thought the typewriter would decay societies ability to write elegantly and penmanship would start to degenerate as a result, but the real death of handwriting comes from instant communication. Not only can you text a message and instantly beam it to someone within seconds, but virtually everyone is connected to each other on the planet via phones using twitter, IM and other services.

Within 20 years there may not be a single written letter hand written and mailed except for the romantics and the truly dedicated, society by then will be almost completely able to communicate in real time to virtually anybody in the world they need to reach.

I for one write hand written letters and cards only for special occasions, or to jot down notes, I usually write in cursive only because I can write slightly faster though sloppier than each letter separately. Other than signing my name in cursive though, I haven’t written a cursive letter or note in probably several months which only further illustrates my point.

Do you think cursive is something that should still be taught, or will it become a forgotten art only practiced by artists and calligraphists who keep it alive?

-Justin Germino

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