Today is My 32nd Birthday

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As I turned 32 years old day I can’t help but reflect over my past and think about the things I would change and the mistakes I would undo. I have made my fair share of mistakes and caused pain to many people including the ones I loved most, most of these mistakes were made due to immaturity, stupidity that comes with youth and the lack of wisdom that it entails.

Another mistake was that previously I had gained far too much weight by being complacent over the years, I had gained fifty pounds over ten years between twenty and thirty years of age. I had spent the better part of last year losing all of the weight but this past year I have seen it creep back a little as my willpower and commitment to being fit seemed to wane for no other reason than simple laziness.

So on my 32nd Birthday I challenge myself to start focusing on eating less again, I have been working out but unfortunately my eating has increased and outweighed my working out benefits. For anyone with a goal and a challenge to lose weight you need to make a decision and you could either finally get committed to an exercise and fitness routine, or just click here for weight loss pills and see if you want to try that route which millions of people try and few have long term success with.

For my other mistakes I can only hope that I won’t repeat the past, studying the past and learning from it is the whole purpose of being human. For human beings make mistakes and what we take from those mistakes and how we grow and learn from them is what sets us apart from animals.

-Justin Germino

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