Cruise Stop in Cozumel Mexico

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Our last stop on our Royal Caribbean cruise out of Miami was the Mexican port of Cozumel.  Here we did our most fun excursion out of the entire trip as we embarked to explore the “Amazing Secret River”.  This tour involves a 30 minute boat ride, a 35 minute bus ride and a short walk to where you will be fitted with a wetsuit, life vest, and helmet with light.

You spend the next almost two hours traveling underground in a portion of the 9 mile long half submerged caverns.  Half the time is spent walking on land and the other half is spent swimming underground in water deeper than you could stand in.  It is quite scary swimming with nothing but thousand of stalactites above you and the head lamps of a small party of other tourists with you being the only light sources.

It felt like the setup to a horror movie like “Descent” but was incredibly fun, exhausting and kept you on your toes.  The stalactites and stalagmites were quite solid and sharp.  I suffered a knee bash to one while trying to kick off in the water and my wife hit her arm on a stalagmite sticking down to the water and received a wicked bruise as a result.

Here are the pictures from the Amazing Secret River tour and my wife and I spelunking in the underground caverns:

After the tour which took a total of seven hours we were deposited in a shopping port near Cozumel where we ate at Karen’s Mexican restaurant and had some really authentic flank steak taco’s and enchilada’s.  The flavor of the food is quite different than Arizona Mexican food and was tasty (though I didn’t like the thin guacamole and found the salsa to be very liquidy).

Here are the other Cozumel pictures:

-Justin Germino

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