Congrats To All You Moms Out There

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As a father who is married to the most wonderful woman I have ever met, I celebrate the fact that this girl whom I have known for thirteen years now has given me two beautiful boys in our life. Today is a day meant to celebrate the people who create life and bring them into this world, care for them, nurture them and raise them to be our future generation.

I may sound a little cheesy, but something in the quality of being a mother helps make you a better person in this world. Nothing can teach you more patience, love, understanding and joy then going through the range of life of raising another being. It is the hardest job on the world and the reward is measured more than gold, for what is money compared with seeing a healthy and successful child make his own way into the world in the future as a result of your hard work.

Congratulations to all you moms out there who struggle, work, raise one or many children and do your best for them. You all deserve to be appreciated for all that you do. I just hope my wife feels as special as she deserves to feel, not only today because it is Mother’s day, but every day for being a mother (and a good one) to our children.

-Justin Germino

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