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Opening the door to the front of the house this morning my wife came across the dead carcass of a freshly killed Jack Rabbit in our front lawn. The poor rabbit was still soft and rigor mortis had not set in yet which indicates it was killed just a short time ago, its throat was torn out and some stomach injuries appeared to be suffered.

The poor Jackrabbit was killed viciously, but didn’t appear to be eaten, as if the predator was taking Anoretix or on a diet or something. This leads me to believe it was a dog which would chase and maybe kill for sport, rather than a coyote or owl.

I had to get a garbage bag and a shovel and discard the poor bunny in the trash which gets picked up tomorrow, I used to have a Jack Rabbit as a pet (caught him when he was a baby from the wild) and its still a sad thing to see the dead rabbits on the road and killed by predator animals. Though we would be infested by rabbits if something didn’t hunt and eat them, so I know its all part of Nature’s balance.

-Justin Germino

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