Porky Can Chew

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This nine month old Boston Terrier with a short flat snout has some bad habits that don’t make me love him any less, even if they are a little costly some of them.

First, he passes tons of gas, we were watching Animal Planet and learned that Boston Terriers are the gasiest dog breeds on the planet. This is because they have short nasal passages and swallow alot of air. So make sure you have tons of air freshener around these guys.

Second, he is a bad chewer and our outdoor furniture is virtually destroyed. We had a swing in the yard that he chewed through the seat and cotton stuffing was found all over our yard. He also decimated some lawn chairs, my drip lines for watering my plants and some other things.

He has been a little better lately (not much left to destroy), but most of his bad behaviors in the yard are probably boredom. We don’t leave the dogs outside for long anymore (its now 105 degree’s outside, so they are only outside for 15 – 30 minutes at most at a time), but when he is outside he gets bored and chews.

He never chews on stuff inside the house, and he hasn’t had a potty accident in weeks, but overall the dog cost me about $200 in furniture damage in the yard from his little chewing habits. The funny thing is we gave him some of our kids old stuffed animals and bought some dog chew toys and he ignores all that stuff, only prefering tables, chairs and wicker swings apparently.

-Justin Germino

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