Confusing HCG and HGH

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I had a funny conversation with my wife the other night where I talked about how good Sylvester Stallone looks in his new movie coming out and that the HGH which is Human Growth Hormone must be working for him, of course I am joking that he is doing this to keep fit and bulky for his age like speculations but she was telling me her local clinic where she gets her B-12 shots does HGH shots.

I was pretty sure HGH was regulated and only a few medically approved clinics and diagnosis could qualify for HGH and it turns out it was HCG shots that were being provided which is something I hadn’t read or known much about.

Apparently, HCG which stands for (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is a pregnancy hormone that is supposed to help the body metabolize stored fat and convert it to energy.  I would have thought this was a type of weight loss injection for women only, but apparently even though it is called the pregnancy hormone injections are offered for men and women and this is supposed to aid with weight loss and metabolizing fat in the body.

I don’t know if it works or not, just thought it was interesting in the confusion and seeing the growing trend in various natural hormone types being used and synthesized as means to treat a variety of ailments and promote weight loss, anti-aging and other remedies.

Have you heard of HCG and do you know anybody who has done it and did they see benefits?

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