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I was actually really sick two days ago with what I thought was a stomach bug (probably was) and in recovery so haven’t been posting much.  I saw however that Deborah Anderson from @SocialWebCafe had finished updating and published our interview from a few months back polishing it up into a formal lessons from the Dragon Blogger article that she wound up publishing on Basic Blog Tips.

Not only was the video interview put together well, edited well but she truly humbled me as a blogger in how she presented me to the audience and with her comments and statements around my lessons and tips for other bloggers.

I am flattered, and saw many readers were people who were introduced to me for the first time as a blogger.  As many who know me know, I started blogging in August 2008, I do it as a hobby and I truly enjoy doing it, networking with other bloggers, reviewing tech stuff and sharing my adventures in trying to grow and monetize my blogs.  I believe in sharing and helping others and as I have learned more about WordPress, Social Media Marketing and more over the years I started offering that guidance and assistance to others where I can as well.

My personality is always infused in my writing and my online communications, you know what I am about and I am not about the sale though I try to earn from my sites like any other blogger, I rely mostly on passive income earning which isn’t a direct sales pitch to the readers.  So I don’t consider myself an Internet Marketer, but more of an informer, I share reviews and list whether I like the product or not, but don’t use the action words, templates or spam like layouts to try and get product sales.  Though it may be effective and others make lots with marketing and sales, I just don’t like it and it isn’t me.


Rather than embed the video which is only the partial story, I encourage you to watch and read my interview 5 Blogging Lessons from the Dragon Blogger and share your own thoughts and experiences.

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