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So a man by the name of Dilip reached out to me on Facebook the other day and told me he designed logos as a hobby and was wondering if he could design one for just for the heck of it.

I said sure why not, I was partial to my tattoo logo, but have been flirting with a new blog theme design and my tattoo logo doesn’t scale well for media because it has too many colors, was a photo.  I wanted something clean, elegant that was only 8 colors or less and would be a perfect .GIF file so it loaded much faster when rendering on web pages.

The first test came out with a blue sphere around a dragon and looked like this:


I needed a different size/resolution for a test and wanted to keep my red dragon theme plus I liked my Wolf’s Bane Font that I use as my primary "Dragon Blogger" font, so with some tweaking we ended up with.


I personally like the way it came out, it will be hard to say goodbye to my tattoo logo on the website, but do you think the above logo is cleaner and more elegant than my current one below?

Of course I am still on the fence about switching my logo or not using a variation of my tattoo photo, I knew there many places online you could go to buy or Sell Logos but I hadn’t really given it serious consideration until Dilip offered and sent me a few to look at.  I asked Dilip if he did logos professionally and maybe whether or not he used PixelClerk or other sites to sell logos and make some income for the work that he does, but he told me he only did them as a hobby for now.  I think he has some talent and he could sell some logo designs for fun too.

I have used a variation of the same logo for over 4 years, will be curious if year 5 will be the one where I re-design my theme and logo, I am hoping I do I need a cleaner theme that loads faster and is more responsive for readers.  Looking to have one in place for August when DragonBlogger turns 5 years old.

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