CommentLuv Premium Needs Better Spam Filtering

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96 emails this morning I had to manually moderate on my blog using CommentLuv Premium, in every case the user was trying to simply embed a stupid word “loan”, “loans”, or “mortgage loan”.


All the comments were left from manual commenters so they bypass the GASP javascript check, and every one required me to manually flag as spam or trash.  CommentLuv premium for all it’s greatness doesn’t unfortunately have any SPAM check against manual spam being left by people hired to type and leave comments on blogs.

The stupid thing is they probably would have gotten the backlink they wanted had they just left username@loans and put in a decent comment.  Then they would have been allowed to keep the comment and it would have likely been approved.

The fact that all these generic comments are on poems and have nothing to do even close to the topic of poetry is another annoying factor.

CommentLuv Premium (Specifically the GASP module) needs to have additional spam filter options.

Options for CommentLuv SPAM Filtering

  1. Strip hyperlink out of the comment code, so if somebody puts a hyperlink in, just simply remove the http code from the comment.  This way hyperlinked words become normal words and someone who leaves a full URL you can still see the URL and go to it if you want, just not get the hyperlink.
  2. Ability to mark comments as SPAM if hyperlink is recorded in comment.
  3. Ability to create SPAM Filter blacklist and any comment you mark as SPAM, the email and/or IP gets added to the blacklist automatically spamming all future comments.  In the case of the 91 spam comments, they all came from the same IP and the same website was the target URL.

Out of all the incredible features of CommentLuv, the only one I find that needs improvement is the GASP spam blocking module, there is just still too much manual spam making it through to my moderation queue.

Note, this blog uses Livefyre since it is much more effective at blocking SPAM as it uses Impermium to check the comment before it publishes and again it re-validates after the comment publishes.  I have only seen about 3 comments out of 200 not be caught by the Livefyre spam filter.  In reverse, only 2 out of 9 comments on my poetry blog with CommentLuv Premium are valid, 7 out of 9 comments are SPAM and make it to my moderation queue.

-Justin Germino

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