Short Weekend and a Happy Halloween

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Have had a stiff neck all weekend and am going to desperately try to get a Chiropractic appointment in today if I can.  Also ate some food which upset my stomach yesterday so had to sleep on floor last night and feeling generally miserable all around.

I am hoping to feel better to take the kids trick or treating this afternoon as I promised to hit as many houses as possible.  Not only do they want the treats (we don’t let them keep that many), but a local Dental office is giving $1 per pound of candy that is brought in from kids.  My kids are hoping to collect 5-10 pounds of candy each so they can get the $5 – $10 from the Dentist office.

They care more about trading the candy in for some cash than the candy itself which is kind of funny.  Meanwhile, I don’t eat too much candy myself though my weakness is Twizzlers and I tend to keep and consume every Twizzler that collects in any trick or treat bags.

Anyway, though the weekend in Encinitas was great (minus my stiff neck) came back already needing recovery.  Here’s to hoping the adjustment fixes my neck problems (which I think I hurt working out last week).

-Justin Germino

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