I Ain’t Got Time To Blog

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Seriously folks, I have been incredibly busy these last few days and with my neck being injured and being tired I haven’t been staying up at night to catch up on blogging.

Even my rule of having some blog posts for rainy days ran dry here on my personal blog and I just don’t have time to blog as much so am going to have to cut back for a bit until I can play catch up.


With me also going out of town to attend CA World in Las Vegas in less than 2 weeks I will be even busier and I may just have to find guest posters to cover slots on my blog for a few days or leave them blank.

I just don’t like leaving “no posts” for days at a time, for some reason it makes me think of dust collecting on old furniture or a TV set.  I feel a blog should always be in motion and when my blog is void it appears as if nobody is listening or broadcasting.

Hence I wrote a post about not being able to do posts, ironic huh?

-Justin Germino

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