Clash of the Titans Tonight

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Tonight I am taking my lady out for dinner and we are going to see Clash of the Titans together (my idea).  She never did see the original and I was hoping she would have been able to see it before the new one was released, but I never did get around to renting the original in time. 

I am hoping the new Clash of the Titans is as entertaining as the previews looked, the new Kraken looks downright frightening and incredible, as well as the rendered Medusa and giant scorpions which appear to grow much larger in this film than in the original.  I won’t be bringing either of my boys to this movie as we could use the alone time and it appears to frightening for my young boys.

The original however wasn’t frightening hardly and I would let them watch the original when I rent it on DVD (when it becomes available).

-Justin Germino

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