Not a Fan of Being Fooled

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Did you know the April Fool’s Day is celebrated as a prank holiday in many countries according to the April Fools Day Wiki. The pranking day itself dates back to at least 1392 the earliest known reference to it. I myself have never been a big fan on April Fools Day, too often bad events happened on April Fools Day and they turned out to not be pranks at all which forever taints the day as a “fun” day in our family.

Still I had thought about some fun things you could do with April Fools Day with a blog, how many bloggers are doing spoofy titles or jokes to try and shock their readers or bring more attention to their sites today. Today is a good site to open a post with something shocking and reveal it was a prank by the end of your post. I thought of doing this in jest, but decided not to. Since most blog posts go out as shortened excerpts and feeds, the majority of sources which pick up the blog feed wouldn’t get the whole article and it could lead to confusion.

Hence I don’t participate in April Fools Joke posts on my blogs. Sorry to be a party pooper here.

-Justin Germino

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