The Artist Within Me

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When I was much younger I had tried my hand at drawing, sketching, sculpting and even oil painting. I had always wanted to have more talent or ability in an art form but never had raw talent in it. This is how I slowly realized that writing poetry was my form of art. I don’t know if I am good, but it comes very easily for me and it is something I enjoy doing. So I started a poetry blog and numerous people have told me I should publish a poetry book which I may look at doing in the near future.

I spend so much time doing analytical work at my day job that it is nice to have something where I can unleash my creativity and let the artist within me go wild. I was an avid role playing fan and for years would create stories, campaigns, monsters and more to keep my creativity side happy but as my time became more stretched and I now don’t get to play role playing games anymore I spend most of my free time writing for my blogs or creating new poetry. I create at least 1 poem per day and often create a half dozen haiku’s a week on top of my poems.

I think everybody should have at least 1 creative hobby or art form that brings out the artistic side in you? How about my readers? What are your artistic hobbies, what unleashes your creative side?

-Justin Germino

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