Buying New Clothes

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Seriously, I am like your stereotypical guy that you see portrayed on shows like The Simpsons and Family Guy. I don’t buy clothing unless my existing clothing is literally torn to shreds. My wife poked fun at me that I only have like 3 pairs of white socks left, not even enough for a full week. I am also down to only two pairs of shorts that fit me.

So with a quick trip up to the department store I protested but was forced to buy two pairs of shorts and a ten pack of socks. Part of the reason why I lost a whole wardrobe of clothes is I used to be a size 40 about two years ago, and then dropped enough weight that at one point I was down to a size 32. Now I am up to a size 34 again, which I may need to take some weight loss pills to get that under control.

So I kept donating every set of clothes as I grew or shrunk out of them, this left me with very few articles of clothing that was in my size. Since I telecommute and am very lazy, I don’t need a vast array of clothing, I wear just casual wear around the house and do laundry every three days or so.

Meanwhile, my wife almost moved my limited amount of supplies out of the closet so she can have more room, she has so many clothes that the hanging rod is buckling in the center and will probably snap or bow so badly it will fall out of place by the end of the year.

-Justin Germino

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