Vertical Farming – The Future of Crop Production

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I learned something new this weekend after reading an article in the Casa Grande Dispatch newspaper. A high school student proposed an idea in Arizona that is both green and will save space and provide a great commodity for the community. This idea is called vertical farming and is not new, but hasn’t been put into as wide practice as it should be in the U.S.

Vertical Farming is basically skyscraper structures where farms are planted on each floor of the facility, so that the farms are layered vertically toward the sky instead of horizontally along the ground. This saves on an enormous amount of land space, and because the farms are indoor this saves on pest control costs, fertilizer, water costs, and eliminates carbon emissions due to old style farm and tractor equipment.

The best thing about vertical farming from this high school students plan was that with Solar Panels on the roof, and something called Dynamic Structure where each floor rotates so that the maximum amount of sunlight is achieved for growth the building is almost completely self sufficient. Recycled rainwater and drain water throughout the building could also increase efficiency.

This allows farming and yields 6x as often as planting crops in the ground and traditional farming and in the long haul is the best way to accommodate the rapid growth of human beings on the planet. I have rationalized all of this and agree that this is the wave of the future, we need to be more efficient with our land space on this planted and building vertical is the best way to make efficient use of the land space.

You can read more about Vertical Farming here on the wiki, I encourage you do some research yourself as I believe this is the future of farming and crop production.

-Justin Germino

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