Five Days Until Cabo

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I am scrambling to complete and tidy up some projects at work and prepare to hand them over to other engineers so that I can comfortably enjoy my one week vacation to Cabo, Mexico which is coming up next week.  My wife and I booked a one week stay at the Cabo Azul Resort & Spa which is right on the beach.  We are hoping to get lots of R&R and some deep sea fishing in, we both love fishing and the last time we were in Mexico we caught 6 mahi mahi (Dolphin Tuna) between us.


The time before that I reeled in a 300lb Blue Marlin off of the coast of Kauai which made me so sea sick, I literally turned green and ached from the strain of spending almost 45 minutes trying to reel in such a strong and heavy fish.  It took the captain, deckhand and myself (sea sick and all) to pull the blasted thing on board the boat.

Blue Marlin

I have no idea if we will catch anything this time, but it sure will be fun to try and see what we come up with.

-Justin Germino

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