Busy Weekend Ahead

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Had to take the day off of work today to haul a bunch of furniture to a small home bought in CA to serve as a vacation property for fall, winter, spring and summer breaks.

As we love to be near the beach we figured it was worth investing in a small place to call our own instead of sinking money into hotels every time we came to Southern California which was several times per year and this way we get to stay within walking distance of the beach over in Encinitas.

The environment and culture is always so fascinating to me coming from New York where everything is so fast paced and hectic, sure there were the artsy eclectic types in NY but nothing compared to the social scene I have come to love in Southern California.  There is something just peaceful and tranquil and some of the area’s are not over exaggerated with the obsessions with everything organic, green, vegan and natural.

So this weekend we setup and prepare for the fall break which comes in October where the kids will get to finally come up to a furnished vacation home.  We call it our “Beach Cottage” though it doesn’t sit directly on the beach, it is within a 2 minute walk so closer than we have ever lived to a beach before in our lives.

Naturally my personal blog should probably fill up with pictures of the beach and ocean quite a bit more while on vacations there.

-Justin Germino

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