Testing Some New Blog Earning Platforms

This post contains affiliate links.

I signed up to experiment with some new blog earning platforms last week to continue my honest and thorough review and testing of everything that claims it can make bloggers money.


One of these shows real promise and is called Luminate, this program basically puts small in-line ads over your existing images you put in your post and earns based on CPM/CPC much like AdSense does.  It is a way to monetize a little bit of your traffic stream with your own images you insert normally into your posts already.

I installed the program on DragonBlogger.com on September 1st and it took a few days to be approved, by the 15th of the month it had already earned about $8 which is promising, and I consider any service that adds $10+ a month for doing nothing but passively using an attractive offering.

I also haven’t heard anybody ask or mention any annoyance with it, it doesn’t seemed to have hurt or affected the AdSense running on the same site either.


Link Vehicle

The other program is LinkVehicle, which is another link selling program where you are paid to host links on your site.  Similar to Intellilinks or Teliad it would appear that you can be hired to do blog posts for advertisers as well.  I signed up on the 15th and haven’t been approved or have offers yet but I am curious how the system will work.

Ultimately selling backlinks can hurt site PageRank, but it has been one of the more profitable experimentations in the past year and I have earned over a thousand dollars just by hosting some sponsored links here and there.  It has the lowest amount of work for profit next to just hosting CPC/CPM advertising.

In Summary

I will review the programs for 30 days and give an honest review of each on DragonBlogger.com while adding them to my master make money online list which covers every single program I have tried on the Internet so far to make money with my blogs.

-Justin Germino

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