We Want Our Social Security Back

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Seriously, with all the talk of the defunct Social Security and how it won’t be around when today’s generation is ready to retire in 30+ years I am wondering where is my money going?

I would like a refund and all my Social Security taxes paid for the last 12 years to be refunded and I will use that to augment my own retirement fund thank you very much. 

Seriously, on a more serious note there is no way that Social Security will be empty, they say it can sustain until 2036 and then at 75% of current benefits until the year 2080+ something.  This gives actually a lot of time to get the system redesigned and improve it’s efficiency.  There is a good chance that some Social Security will still exist when I retire which is about 34 years from now, but I know that like many many others I will have to build my own retirement fund if I don’t want to work until the day I die and actually have a retirement.

Truthfully, will I ever not work?  I can’t imagine a life where there is no “job” to wake up and do.  I would always find something to do to keep busy, but I honestly cannot even imagine how different things will be in 36 years with the way technology and industries change over decades.

Some say that jobs themselves will become more obsolete, others say everyone will be working for themselves at some point.  In truth there will probably always be issues with job requirements changing and entire industries vanishing with new ones cropping up.

One thing is certain and that is that you can’t take anything at face value, you cannot rely on others to provide for you, not even the government which people have become complacent about.  Our youth must be taught to save for their future from the start, not live paycheck to paycheck and wait until their thirties or forties before they even think about retirement.

It took far too long and far to many debts before I started seeing the path to the goals I wanted, and I will be paying the price for a while until I catch up.  The good news is small things have been done to invest in the future now so in the end I reach the point I want to be at even before retirement.

-Justin Germino

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