Bought an Xbox360 with Kinect

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So this weekend I decided to pick up an Xbox360 with Kinect after reading some good reviews about the technology and being impressed overall with what I have read.  I picked up the MotionSports game and played it in addition to the Kinect Adventures that comes with the Bundle.  The Xbox360 came with a 250gb hard drive with the Kinect in a nice package.


I must say that I am very impressed with the Kinect technology and will be doing a very thorough review for in the near future, in the meantime I can tell you that the Xbox360 with Kinect doesn’t feel like the Wii at all.  Your feet, hands, head and body are recognized and used as the controller.  In some games you literally have to bounce balls off your head, body, fists or feet.  The Kinect system recognizes you as well.

You can use the Kinect as a voice activated controller for the Xbox360 and by saying “Xbox Play Disc” you can command your device to load the game you have in the drive.

So far my only disappointment is that some of the games have trouble recognizing motion when you move quickly, the MotionSports boxing game for instance doesn’t let you throw punches quickly as it can only pick up relatively slow and wide motion punching.  It does know uppercuts, jabs and blocking but this game doesn’t recognize dodging by tilting.  The Kinect Adventures games however seem much more responsive and the game called 20,000 Leaks you have to use your four limbs plus head to plug up holes in a glass room to avoid it being flooded with water.  This is incredibly accurate and the Kinect not only understands each limb but also can accurately show how much closer or further you move from the controller so you get a true sense of depth perception.

So far, for those who haven’t tried the Kinect Motion Control system for the Xbox360 you really have to try it to believe it.  The limited games for it and the lack of quality games (except for family and party stuff) are it’s only limitation now but the technology is truly amazing.  The camera itself is a little on the lower resolution side and could have been higher quality, I mean if you are taking pictures of yourself to post on Xbox Live or in game you could at least have a higher resolution shot.

One other thing is that the Xbox 360 is very sensitive to your surroundings, it can recognize obstacles like chairs and furniture blocking, there should be a way to select and “block out” objects it detects in its vision.  Kind of like create a “green screen” behind you even though there are objects.

Overall, I am highly impressed with the Kinect Motion Control technology for the Xbox360 and recommend you check it out for yourself.

-Justin Germino

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