Lizards Found During Weekend Yard Repair

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I had to dig a trench and repair about 12′ of 1/2" landscaping tube after my Boston Terrier had tore out so many 1/4" drip lines that I could no longer plug the holes of the master pipe.  He also dug the tube up and had it on the surface.  So as I spent about 2 hours digging a new trench that was nearly 1.5 feet deep I somehow uncovered a slew of lizards that were nesting in tunnels right up against my house (figures they would be where the water was leaking from the drip).


These little gecko’s were very sluggish from the morning cool air, and I took them and put them on my fake grass patch in the yard.  They couldn’t walk through the grass quickly so the kids just kept wrangling them up and putting them back in the center of the fake grass.



My kids had a blast setting up plastic army men and having the lizards be props in their war games.  The lizards were released unharmed back into my bushes in my yard after about two hours.  In total there were four lizards found and they appeared to all be the same species. 

-Justin Germino

Updated: March 8, 2011 — 8:00 am