Blogging Experts Share Monetization Strategies

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When Gilbert contacted me asking for a paragraph on my strategies for monetization online and told me he was compiling a list of quotes and information from others to share with readers I had no idea that he would have compiled helpful information from 45 other online experts in the fields of blogging, social media marketing, affiliate marketing and more.  Heck next to some of these seasoned online entrepreneur’s I am not an expert by any means.


This article is up on Viral Writer and it is a must read for anybody who has just started out with blogs or looking for ways to monetize their online properties be them social media or blog platforms. 

This article is around 10,000 words and is as large as some of the larger eBooks.  Seriously bookmark this page and take the time to read and learn some new methods or strategies you may not have thought of.

Thanks to Viral Writer for the opportunity to share and be part of this great article.

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Updated: December 17, 2013 — 3:54 pm