Starbound a Whole New Level of Fun

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You know it’s funny, I bought Minecraft to play with my kids but never really got into that much and I enjoyed playing with them even though I personally myself didn’t really like the game that much.  I am not quite sure why actually, but a similar game of open world (or universe rather) mining, crafting and creating called Starbound and I can say I am having a blast and not just playing because I enjoy doing what the kids want to do, but I am totally hooked on the game.

I would have to thank Colby Mort who did Starbound YouTube Videos like the one you see below for Dragon Blogger.

Starbound Series

Because of his intro to Starbound and covering the series my kids watched his videos as they watch all the videos on my Dragon Blogger channel and wanted the game.  I also was fascinated, I saw that Steam had a deal where you get 4 copies of Starbound for the price of 3 and I snapped it up, getting a copy for both my boys, myself and one which I will giveaway to a reader for DragonBlogger.

The game is highly addicting and is a 2d sidescrolling version of Minecraft except it has what seems to be an infinite number of worlds, space ships where you travel to and from different biomes to explore all on the same server and far more creatures, ores, and options.  Plus it has mods too, and all this from a game that is technically not even officially released yet and is still in Beta.

Though you can pre-order the game now and get immediate access, setting up your own server is actually very easy and it consumes less resources to host a server on your own PC than it does hosting a Minecraft server.  The game seems more stable, less prone to memory leaks than Minecraft and this is probably because it is 2D. 

It truly is epic and worth every penny and my kids were hooked immediately, if your kids love Minecraft, I think they will find Starbound to be phenomenal giving them even more options and worlds to explore.  I can say that the crafting in some ways is simpler because you get exactly the details on what you need for each recipe, but it is also harder because there are more crafting table types and far more items to craft.  I like that bows don’t require a finite number of arrows, but the game is much harder.

You can die from being out in the cold without getting to a campfire to warm up, you can die from hunger, die from monsters, and drown.  The game is more challenging than Minecraft (at least to me) and it helps to have allies and play multiplayer. 

Starbound just wowed me in every way, and I have to admit this is the new game addiction as far as I am concerned.

Starbound UFO Boss Battle
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