Picked up Some New Tundra Cards in Elemental Kingdoms

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Tis the season to be Jolly, and in Elemental Kingdoms for the iPad which now also has an app for Android I picked up some seasonal cards finally after searching for days and spending gold like it was going out of season.

2013-12-06 07.20.11

First I was able to get a Milk and Cookies card which you use to Enchant and level up other cards, this baby was able to help me make one of my other cards reach level 10.

2013-12-20 06.54.02

Then, I checked in all 20 days in a row and earned the Ice Golem card, each day you check in you get rewards and some of my best cards came from earning those gems or fire tokens just for doing my daily check in.  When this Ice Golem reaches level 10 his ability to add +200 attack to all other Tundra cards will be a great asset.

2013-12-19 15.13.50

Finally the big man, Santa made his way into my deck.  He has a great starter ability reflecting any Fire, Ice, Lightning or Blood attack causing 210 damage to the caster and his level 5 ability Warpath is unique and this ability wasn’t seen until the Holiday cards.  I would have liked to also have seen him have immunity to all spells as his level 10 instead of just resistance as he gets trounced by cards that cause Trap and they really reduce his effectiveness.

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