Bloggers Shouldn’t Fear Duplicate Content

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In an article on Search Engine Land published yesterday [source] Matt Cutts explained why duplicate content shouldn’t be a stress and a worry unless it is spammy in nature.  What my takeaway from this as a blogger fits in line with what newspapers are doing in having articles syndicated across the web. Content Syndication where you pick up an article and re-publish it fully or partially intact with source credit links is common in newspapers and online news media sites.  This means one could potentially open up or encourage their own content to be syndicated to other sites and in doing so could reach more audience without necessarily being worried about being penalized by Google for having that same article reposted on other sites.

With this announcement I expect to see more of a trend in syndication partnerships going out and this actually coincides with something Triberr has been offering for a while which is content syndication to bloggers where they can repost content from a feed in their site to another blog and consolidate comments across all articles at the same time with their commenting system.

I also see this as an opportunity to help syndicate and justify syndicating news related articles in the topic you are in again as long as you include source link as well.  I always add my own opinion and feedback to anything I publish as a blogger but this could be a quick way to share press releases and other information where you just want to reprint and share with your audience.

What do think about content duplication and listing the proper terms and conditions when hosting that duplicated or syndicated content?  As a technology blogger one of the most common forms of duplicate content on my site and other sites would be product specs and details direct from the publisher which is technically duplicated from their own sites and press releases.

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