Back in AZ and Summer Break Ends

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Well finally back after spending two weeks on a working vacation in CA followed by a 4 day real vacation spending time with the family at The Excalibur resort in Las Vegas.  The highlight of the trip was taking my kids to see Tournament of Kings which they really enjoyed and we were rowdy cheering for the Dragon to claim victory but alas we were defeated in the end.

The Knight of Spain with Oliver and Myself at Tournament of Kings

The kids start school again in a few days, and I am back at work in overdrive playing catchup for missing a few days, on average I get 90-115 emails per day that I have to catch up on so 3 days of PTO can be over 300+ emails I have to read, and responding to probably 60% of them.  This is just my day job emails, I get another 60-90 emails to my personal Gmail accounts related to blogging per day, but these I actually mostly caught up from on my phone, iPad while on vacation and only had some follow ups.

In general on any given day I have about 250-300 communications per day to reply to this includes emails and social media messages, replies, PM’s…etc.  I am thinking of just jacking myself into the system permanently at some point in the future.

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