Install Cube World on Minecraft 1.6.1

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Minecraft 1.6 surely changes how mods are deployed in that you now create versions of Minecraft that have the mods you want and you can always have those versions to load without having to force update and replace previous versions and losing the work modding.  So when my boys asked me to put CubeWorld on Minecraft 1.6.1 and I fumbled through it a bit I decided to create a more detailed tutorial with screenshots than the main article I found listed here: I just wanted to help further clarify some steps and show some screen shots of what files looked like to make it a little faster for others.


What is Cube World for Minecraft

Cube World is a fantastic mod for Minecraft that adds a new Biome type of Cube World which generates floating worlds that in the air, this makes worlds that remind me of the Dragon Hunters movie honestly and is an awesome way to create unique worlds where islands in the sky can appear at random everywhere.

Installing CubeWorld for Minecraft 1.6.1

Step 1 – Make Sure You have Minecraft 1.6.1 installed

These instructions would apply to any mod you want to install in any version of Minecraft 1.6.x, you simply clone your base version to a new folder and then start the renaming process so you can brand and load the modded version in your Minecraft Launcher Profile.

To clone your Minecraft version you simply open your %appdata%\.minecraft\versions folder


You should see some folders in here for the Minecraft Versions that were played.  Note, if you do not see version 1.6.1 in the Minecraft Versions folder, this version needs to be downloaded first so you can clone it.


To do that simply load up your Minecraft 1.6 Launcher and click edit profile.


Click on Use Version dropdown

Select release 1.6.1

Click Save Profile

Then click Play button

Now it will download the 1.6.1 version and the folder should show up in your %appdata%\.minecraft\versions folder.

Step 2 – Download CubeWorld for Minecraft 1.6.1

You can use either of these 2 links but download this file for now


Step 3 – Clone Your Minecraft Version Folder

So now that you see your 1.6.1 folder in the %appdata%\.minecraft\versions folder all you need to do is clone it, this is copy and pasting the folder.

To do this all you have to do is select the 1.6.1 folder, CTRL+C on the keyboard, then hit CTRL+V on the keyboard and you have copied the folder.


Now rename the 1.6.1 – Copy folder to the exact following: Cube_World_1.6.1

Open up the folder and you will see 2 files, the 1.6.1.jar and the 1.6.1.json files though if you have file extensions hidden you may not see the .json and .jar at the end which is fine.


You will edit both of these files and rename them to be the exact same name as the folder (except leave the file extension intact).

1.6.1.jar rename to Cube_World_1.6.1.jar

1.6.1.json rename to Cube_World_1.6.1.json

For short cut just select file and hit F2 to rename, F2 will not include the extension to help reduce the mistake of erasing the file extension.


If you accidentally erase the .jar or .json part you will have to re-add it.

Step 4 – Editing your Cube_World_1.6.1.json file

You have to edit the Cube_World_1.6.1.json file and change the Minecraft version # of 1.6.1 in there to match the proper Cube_World_1.6.1.  So you will want to use a text editor like Notepad, Wordpad or Notepad++ which I recommend and is free.

Right click on the Cube_World_1.6.1.json file and click Open With


Select either Notepad, or Notepad++ if you have that installed.  However only NotePad++ or Textpad will show proper formatting, so it may look garbled or one incoherent line in Notepad.


When you have the file open in your text editor, the version # next to ID is the only thing you want to change.


Change the 1.6.1 in the quotes to be Cube_World_1.6.1

Save the file.

Step 5 – Copying Cube World Java Files to Cube_World_1.6.1.jar file

Okay, now if you don’t have 7-zip installed on your computer, download and install it here because my instructions are with 7-zip, though you could use WinRAR or other programs you will have to know how to do to it with those on your own.

You basically want to copy your java files from the Cube-World-Mod-1.6.1.jar to your Cube_World_1.6.1.jar file in the %appdata%\.minecraft\versions\Cube_World_1.6.1 folder.

So first extract your Cube-World_Mod-1.6.1.jar file into it’s own folder, by right clicking on the zip file, hover over 7-zip and click Extract to as you see in the image below.


Then open up that new Cube-World-Mod-1.6.1 folder, and move the window to the left.


Now open up a new file explorer window (Windows+E) key and browse this window to %appdata%\.minecraft\versions\Cube_World_1.6.1

In your new window right click on the Cube_World_1.6.1.jar file and with 7-zip say Open Archive


Now, make sure you have your Cube World Mod folder open on the left and your 7-ZIP archive manager open on right and you can simply select and drag all of the files in the Cube_World_1.6.1 folder into the 7-zip archive.


Say yes or confirm any dialogue box.

(Alternatively you could select all and paste the files into the 7-zip archive too).

Now you must make sure you delete the META-INF folder after you copy over the new files, if this folder is not deleted then your Minecraft will crash.

So select the META-INF folder in the 7-zip archive, then hit your delete key.


It should vanish, then you can simply close your archive by pressing the X button at top right.

Step 6 – Loading the Cube World Minecraft

Now you open up your Minecraft 1.6 Launcher and click Edit Profile, reload your launcher if you had it open so it loads in the new version files.

Click on Edit Profile and select the new release Cube_World_1.6.1


Save Profile and Click Play

When Minecraft loads now when you create a new world you have the option to select “Cube World” for World Type.


Have fun with your Minecraft Cube World



If you cant see any Minecraft Versions when you edit profile, or you see this error in the Minecraft Launcher

Unexpected exception refreshing version list
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Version ‘1.6.1’ is already tracked
at net.minecraft.launcher.updater.VersionList.addVersion(
at net.minecraft.launcher.updater.LocalVersionList.refreshVersions(
at net.minecraft.launcher.updater.VersionManager.refreshVersions(
at net.minecraft.launcher.Launcher$
at java.util.concurrent.Executors$ Source)
at java.util.concurrent.FutureTask$Sync.innerRun(Unknown Source)
at Source)
at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(Unknown Source)
at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$ Source)
at Source)

This means you didn’t update the .json file properly and change the version this error occurs if there are duplicate ID versions in the JSON file in the versions folder.

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