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Thanks to one of my writers covering all the hype around Pottermore, reached it’s highest single day traffic of all time on Monday August 8th 2011, with a total # of 9,274 unique visits for a single day.


This continues the trend of growth and I have had two spikes of over 5k unique visits recently with both articles centered around Pottermore.  This adds to the site in the Entertainment genre as it was previously dominated by technology or blogging related articles and finally has some more entertainment related articles (somewhat related to Internet) taking front and center.

I am edging closer to the goal of reaching 100k unique visitors per month by January 2012 on and have been averaging over 60k unique visitors per month the last two months so far.  If this trend continues and can be maintained I should be able to reach 100k unique visits in a single month by October.

I still am seeking ways to expand revenue for the site as I have lost a significant revenue stream when my site was penalized from a PR4 to a PR2.  AdSense doesn’t increase in a profitable enough ratio to the number of increased visits only increasing by an average of $2-3 bucks per extra thousand visits per day which isn’t a lot of money.

My goal was to have my technology blog bring in $1,000 per month in steady revenue by January 2012, but I still struggle to meet this goal and even after reaching over $900 in revenue for June 2011, the sharp drop to less than $600 in revenue in July means I have to find additional income sources or risk not meeting my goals.

-Justin Germino

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