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I was thrilled to learn that I was a winner in one of the first blog contests run on Bloggers Compete.  The contest netted me a $75 cash prize for writing an article about online startup tips.


Bloggers Compete is a site that is focused on helping bloggers run cash contests from a central location where they can collect and review entries into the contest and award the prizes based on who writes the best article.

At it’s current state the Bloggers Compete website lets you basically invite people to write a contest about any topic and they publish articles as entries into the contest.  These articles can include up to 3 backlinks / anchor texts you provide as requirements for the contest.  This is a great way to not only gain fans but servers to build more backlinks to your own site and you get SEO, Brand Awareness and networking benefits all from running a contest here.

I intend to run a contest for DragonBlogger.com technology blog very soon on BloggersCompete where I will be giving away $100 cash prize to a single winner who enters the contest.  I just haven’t decided what I want the contest to be about yet, I have seen others create blogging contests about promoting their own site but I don’t see this as an effective use of the system.  I would rather have a reader write an article about something fun to them and include a few anchor text, keywords to my site as an afterthought than require a reader to write just about my site.

So should I create a contest asking readers to write about some of their favorite tech gadgets, or should I create a contest asking readers to write about something related to blogging?

Let me know what you think would be a good contest to run with a $100 cash prize offered to the winner?

-Justin Germino

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