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I have only 20 or so followers on Associated Content, but they are quite devoted. Nearly every article that I get published on Associated Content lately, I at least get five or six comments from my regular readers. I can’t figure out why I get hundreds of page views on my blogs per day, but I am lucky to get one or two comments on my other blogs, yet my Associated Content constantly garners comments 50% of the time per pageview.

I attribute this effect similar to the Entrecard Drop Response, people drop on you and expect you to drop back on them. Associated Content publishers comment on your articles, expecting and hoping you will do the same back on their articles, but Associated Content pays only an average of $1.50 per thousand pageviews, so the ten to twenty reciprocal comments/views you can get are virtually negligible to your earnings.

In the meantime I have now reached a Clout Level 5 five with over 5,000 pageviews for my seventy or so articles published, I earn about $2.00 per month in pageview performance at this time, which is peanuts, but it can grow in the future, plus I do make an average of $2 – $3 for each upfront payment article I write.

When my blog earnings start dipping from lack of advertisers and opportunities being available, I find myself falling back to associated content to keep up my earning supply a little bit. There are some people who have made more than a thousand dollars on Associated Content, some possibly earn a hundred or more per month between writing articles and pageview performance.

Overall though, at least four months into Associated Content I have earned more on my 3rd month blogging than I have in my 4th month of Associated Content, and I think blogging still has higher earning potential, but Associated Content may be a good way to augment your earnings.

-Justin Germino

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