Districts Cutting Truancy Programs

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In an effort to save money and cut spending and budgets, some cities including Maricopa are cutting back on Truancy programs, in the case of Maricopa they are completely pulling the program entirely. Truancy programs are designed to help catch kids who skip school or hang and lurk about in public places instead of attending school.

By pulling officers away from this vital assignment we are encouraging and making it easier for kids who get dropped of at school to simply leave the premises and make their way around town or back to their houses. Even if not caught, these programs were a deterrent for most kids for trying to pull it off.

With many parents working and having nobody at home to look after the kids, kids can easily skip school and spend time at home with parents completely unaware in most cases. But truancy officers who monitor the schools and surrounding streets and local businesses (especially eateries) they had a high success rate of returning kids to school and catching them.

It is a sad day as more and more funding is pulled from making sure our kids are attending schools and getting education, it is bad enough that the schools themselves are losing funding for books, simple supplies but now Cities are cutting back on the ability to even enforce that kids attend school.

-Justin Germino

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