Celebrating My Fathers Day

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I still to this very day am so thankful that I am blessed with my two beautiful sons and I cherish each and every day that I spend with them. My oldest who is five and a half is so bright, creative and artistic that he makes up his own board games using papers, action figures and I can’t help but see the similarities between his Mother and him every time I look at him.

My youngest who is two and a half is so strong, fierce and loves to wrestle, battle and channel his energy into physical activities. I often will spend half hour sessions just wrestling with the kids in the living room, where I become little more than a human jungle gym, but it is quality bonding time.

So today on Fathers Day, while my family celebrates and takes my Father in Law and myself out to dinner, as a Father I just sit back an think about how good it is to actually be a father, and I never knew it would be and feel like this. Though it is difficult raising children, nothing could be more worth it in life.

-Justin Germino

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