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I actually have been a writer for AssociatedContent (now owned by Yahoo!) for a year and a half.  I joined on February 3rd 2009 and have earned nearly $70 with the site since that time frame.


Now my earnings mostly came from writing up front articles which paid out between $1 and $3 per article, with articles ranging from 400 – 600 words to qualify.  Then I earned between $2 and $3 monthly for pageviews on my articles.

I have been curious on how the Revenue sharing program works for AssociatedContent because they pay X amount per 1,000 pageviews, which is $1.50 or 1.5/10th of a cent per pageview until you reach the higher account status where you can earn up to $1.75 or $2.00 per 1,000 pageviews.  I currently am a Clout level of 7 which earns me $1.55 per thousand pageviews.

I was thinking that for my own personal preference, I would rather forgo doing up front article payments if AssociatedContent would have an AdSense Revenue sharing, something like 10% or 20% of AdSense for your articles that you publish.  I understand that the site earns AdSense revenue as a primary method for paying writers, but the cost per pageview is just much lower than Helium and far lower than your own blog running AdSense with the same content you would have submitted to AssociatedContent.

I do however that AssociatedContent will let you submit articles for up front payment as long as they are unique and can be on virtually any topic and at any time.  My wife used to make $20-$30 per week writing about 10-12 articles per week for AssociatedContent and she wrote about everything from food, parks, pets and as long as you write a good informative article you can get a pretty decent payout.  So when paid opps come thin for my blogs, sometimes I fall back to AssociatedContent and write some articles to pick up some extra change when I don’t have any offers coming from my usual blogging sources.

You can follow Justin Germino on Associated Content and see some of my poetry or unique and original articles which I submit to A/C.  I do sometimes repost some content from DragonBlogger or my Personal Blog, but many of my original Haiku’s and poems can be found there which aren’t shared on other sites.

Who else uses AssociatedContent? 

Do you think AssociatedContent should setup AdSense revenue sharing and give a direct portion of Ads clicked from your articles to you?

I know Helium pays more but you don’t have the flexibility of writing whatever you want, you have to find a title and write for their titles.  I have had several articles rejected and disqualified because I wrote for their "Title" and they deemed my article not "on point" enough for the topic.  This has caused them to even reject some of my poetry (which makes me question how they can be so objective, when poetry can be abstract even when not directly mentioning the Title).

-Justin Germino

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