What is Your Blogging Purpose?

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Do you know your blogging purpose?  Why do you blog, is it a means of self expression and do you do it for yourself or with your audience and readers in mind?

My biggest mistake when blogging is having too many idea’s and not spending enough time to flush them out and create clear "business plans" for my various blogs.

You should treat blogging like any other entrepreneurial business if you ever have any intention of doing more with it than just venting your own writing/thoughts and don’t have any regard for turning into a product or service offering for readers.

Create a business plan for your blog

  • Why start this blog?

I started DragonBlogger.com to offer technology, gadget and other reviews as well as to share my blogging tips and experiences learned with my audiences.  I figured whatever I learned as a blogger, I would share that knowledge with others so they can learn and avoid mistakes, mirror the same principles and systems that worked…etc to help with their own blogging.  My personal blog is similar in blogging experiences, but covers my personal thoughts, Arizona specific events and parenting tips. 

I created my poetry blog purely to let my poetry art be available on the public internet, I had my poems locked in an unpublished book and figured I mine as well put it online for people to read.  My poetry blog is my art and I do it for me, I really don’t have a regard for what "readers" want or look to provide readers information with my poetry blog.

  • What do I offer my readers?

My primary blog offers technology reviews, news and blogging advice and tips that I have learned from my two years as a blogger.  I am establishing myself as a trusted source for honest reviews, feedback and information on technology and blogging related topics.  My poetry blog offers hundreds of original poems for any mood or occasion and has an interactive poetry game.  My personal blog is sharing insights from an Arizona resident, blogger and has some life lessons and blogging advice.

  • Who are my readers?

My readers vary from poets and art lovers for my poetry blog to tech and blogging enthusiasts and peers for my personal and technology blog.  I also get lots of search traffic as people stumble across my blog looking to learn more about Paint dot Net, WordPress issues or more.

  • What do I want to accomplish?

I want to become a trusted source of information, technology reviews and blogging tips for my readers.  I am hoping to expand my site into an online magazine at some point in the future and be able to offer a wide variety of articles that appeal to several topics.

  • Where do I want my blog to be in 2 years?

DragonBlogger.com will be more of an online magazine like TomsHardware meets Mashable with a little IMDB mixed in as well.  In theory this is what I envision, it will be interesting to see how it all pans out.

In Summary

It is important to setup your blog like a business and have clear action plans and goals.  How about you, where do you see your blog in 2 years?

-Justin Germino

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