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I was inspired by an article by Rey titled Ask Me Anything which was a very clever post that really got readers interactive by having them question their blogger to know more about him.

So I have decided to make this my "Ask Me Anything" post on and see what questions come up.  I have done several interviews on other sites, but haven’t done any in about a year so I don’t know what people would want to ask except for blogging related questions.

Go ahead and ask me anything

Doesn’t have to be about blogging, internet.

Ask me anything you want and I will answer honestly, get to know your blogger, the man behind the blog so to speak.  There are some rules to asking questions and certain questions may not be acceptable or appropriate for a public medium.

What do you want to know about me?

I will post some of the Questions and Answers here in the blog area as they come in and are processed.


-Justin Germino

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