Starcraft II: The Mobius Factor

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Just finished beating The Mobius Factor in Starcraft II Wings of Liberty where you have to destroy 3 secret facilities before the Queen of Blades (Kerrigan) can learn information from them about the Protoss Artifacts.

The mission is fast paced, intense and the animated cut scene after where you get to see Kerrigan abandoned and left to be attacked by the Zerg is as high quality as any CGI movie I have seen.

Kerrigan SC2

Meanwhile my six year old already beat Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty on easy mode.  I was playing the game on normal mode but realize I am not a very good player to be able to battle others online in multiplayer.  My record is 0 for 14, even my son won 2 games with my account so it makes my record look like I have 2 wins, but I didn’t win those matches.

The cool thing about the game is there are different units in the single player campaign than in the multiplayer campaign, and the style of play is slightly different as a result.  You get to have more fun building at your own pace and experimenting on the single player campaign that most people don’t accommodate in multiplayer.

Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty is one of the best Real Time Strategy games I have ever played and well worth the money if you like the genre or are a Blizzard or Starcraft fan.  The single player campaign is worth every penny, you get your money’s worth by far.  This game has more life than any console game you could purchase and is a bit cheaper as well.

-Justin Germino

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