Are You A Bad Blogger?

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Blogging was originally just supposed to be something that I could make some extra money at when I started it two years ago, yet it has transformed into something so much more. I have so much time, effort and emotion invested into my blogging that I actually ask myself on several occasions if I am a good blogger or a bad blogger. I have seen so many people who are so generous and friendly in the blogging community that I consider them great bloggers even if they may not be monetarily successful at blogging yet, you know they are great bloggers by the personality in their blogging styles and the way they altruistically are willing to help anyone else on the blogging scene who needs it.

I have not really met any “bad” bloggers myself because I don’t really think there are “bad” bloggers per say. Everyone is in the business to try and make money blogging or doing it just for the fun of it. Some people have no interest in networking, sharing their experience with other readers or engaging their audience but merely write to churn out content and collect earnings from adsense or affiliate programs or maybe don’t even care about earnings at all. Does this make them bad bloggers? Some would say yes because to be a blogger is to be expected to have a two way conversation with your audience and engage them. The difference between a blogger and a journalist is a journalist writes articles and submits them for publication without any ability for comments or feedback, you provide information and someone reads it. A blogger often will have comment fields and solicit feedback (wanted or unwanted) on their articles and runs on a platform that is designed to provide feedback and for social engagement.

I don’t consider myself to be a great blogger in the fact that I don’t have as much time to mentor and help others with blogging as I could. My priority is my day job and my family, blogging takes a very distant backseat to those two aspects of my life. So the ten to fifteen hours a week I have to blog are spent just writing content for my blogs and keeping up with the 60 articles and 30 poems per month that I do just to keep my blogs active and running. This leaves me less than five hours per week to reply to comments, engage on various social networks, mentor others and grow my blogging network of friends and fellow bloggers. I am not unapproachable and I respond to anyone and everyone who emails me, leaves me feedback, comments or engages me, I just don’t actively seek and comment on other blogs that often. I should to not only learn more about other bloggers and meet more people, but to gain more backlinks but I just don’t have the time lately.

So though I consider myself a friendly blogger and I think I write decent articles and am considered an okay blogger, I don’t consider myself a great blogger.

How about you, do you consider yourself a good blogger? Do you know any great bloggers or bad bloggers? What is your definition of a bad blogger?

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