Barely Able to Blog

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For the past several weeks my day job has consumed so much of my time that I have been spending most of my night and weekend hours working on SiteMinder for this project rather than keeping up with my blogging.  I am nearly at the point where I may need to take a hiatus from blogging temporarily until I can finish this project.

I am still able to write posts on Sunday and queue them for the whole week and have managed to keep doing a twitter poem on my lunch break, but my visiting, commenting and dropping on other blogs has become next to non-existent.  I don’t mean to be rude and hope my fellow bloggers don’t get offended, I just am so tired after spending 14 hours in a row staring at my computer that I just can’t find the energy to do my blog visiting and socializing.

This project will last for a few months and I don’t see the rush slowing down until possibly the end of April, so in the meantime I am doing the best I can not to become a “bad blogger” as I mentioned in yesterday’s article.

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