Appliances and Lighting Powered by Footsteps

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Awesome innovative technology developed by PaveGen showcased on CNN last week for being able to convert the kinetic energy of a footstep on a tile into power.  Though each step creates enough power only to light an led bulb for 30 seconds this really adds up when you consider the amount of tiles and the amount of footsteps in a high traffic area.  Each footstep tile also contains it’s own battery which can store the unused power for up to 3 days so a backup can exist.

image This really adds up and in a high traffic area just 250,000 footsteps can fully charge 10,000 mobile phones!  The initial testing was done at a school were over a thousand kids were jumping over these things for 8+ months and they had mechanical devices stepping on the pads constantly for quite a long time.

Provided the technology becomes cost effective this could be a fantastic way for subways, airports, and high traffic tourist and downtown area’s to help augment their power sources. 

I personally think this technology is fantastic and can imagine something like this around shopping malls across the states or in busy NY downtown streets which help power the street lighting at night or in metro stations providing the power to plug and charge your mobile devices while waiting for transport or more!

Read the article source for more details.

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Updated: October 15, 2011 — 8:00 am