The Return to AZ

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Fall Break ending and I return back to AZ after spending 11 days in CA on fall break but working most of those days remotely.  The kids enjoyed the vacation but when you have two kids under 10 years old a vacation doesn’t really feel like a vacation for parents, just parenting in a new location.

We topped the trip off with visiting Legoland last night for their Brick or Treat special right now which is a really great deal.  Normally taking 3 adults and 2 kids to Legoland will cost you over $300 in tickets but the Brick or Treat special has you go from 4pm to 9pm and only pay $25 per ticket (adult and kids the same).  This means you get 5 hours at Legoland for 1/3 the price of a normal day admission and you get all the Halloween activities as well.

Carlsbad was also only 7 minutes away from our CA cottage so was a quick drive and were able to arrive without issues or too much traffic along the way.

I will miss the smell of the ocean which permeated everywhere as well as the cooler temperatures at night and morning, it did get a little warm at over 80 degrees during mid day without any A/C however but was still preferable to the over 100 degrees back in AZ.

Probably will go back and stay in CA in two weeks just for a weekend and then the family is probably going to do Thanksgiving in CA instead of AZ this year for the first time.

-Justin Germino

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