The Dog Who Wouldn’t Walk

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Okay as my readers and friends know I have two Boston Terrier dogs named Porky and Donut.  Donut is an 8 year old female Boston Terrier we adopted just over a year ago and she made a fine addition to our home.  Porky we adopted about two years ago and he is around three years old now. 

Porky is an abnormal dog in that he doesn’t do walks, at least he walks just fine but you can’t get him to do his business during a walk.  In fact the dog refuses to go to the bathroom ever if anyone is around and near him.  My other female dog like most will mark, crap or do whatever during a walk at the most inopportune times, but Porky will literally hold going to the bathroom for hours and hours waiting until he can be put out in the yard alone where nobody is around him.


I have never seen a dog who is so shy about going to the bathroom, the good thing is he can do a 5 1/2 hour car ride without ever going to the bathroom even though we make multiple stops for our other dog to use the restroom.

It does become inconvenient though in the middle of the night when one of us has to let the dog out and he won’t go, I get half tempted to leave him out there until morning but he would bark his brains out and disturb the neighbor.  Fortunately he hasn’t had an accident yet in the CA home and at one point he went over 8 hours without going to the bathroom which was the longest I think I ever have seen a dog not go to the bathroom.

He is just so shy he can’t go to the bathroom around humans, odd huh?

-Justin Germino

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