Amazon Affiliate Earning Records Broken

This post contains affiliate links.

For myself I am thrilled that my Amazon Affiliate earnings have broken all previous records over the past three years this past 45 days.  Ever since I started using the EasyAZON plugin for WordPress.  I have been seeing an increase in earnings, but the holiday shopping of 2011 really turned my Amazon Associates into an income generator for my personal blog and technology blog this year.


Between November 1st and December 18th, I was able to bring in $406.84 in earnings on a total of 142 products sold through my affiliate links.  I sold 13 Kindle Fire devices through my Amazon Affiliate link which made up almost 1/5 of all sales.

Ironically I have seen a drop off of sponsored links, reviews on my blog but between AdSense and the increased Amazon Affiliate sales my blog earnings continue to hold up well in the winter months.

All in all, I made more from Amazon affiliate in the last two months of the year than I did for the entire previous 10 months combined.  I eagerly await the payments to come deposited into my account after Christmas and end of January where I will use the earnings to help pay down some bills.

I did find the image feature of EasyAzon a little too subtle, I assigned separate tracking cookies to the images but few would know that the image leads to an Amazon poster or item, so the info boxes work best as do the text links as far as bringing in a better CPC and CPA rate for using the plugin.

If you want to learn more about EasyAzon, head on over to Dragon Blogger where I review EasyAzon and compare it against other Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugins.  Note others work very well as well, but EasyAzon has some more features than most.

-Justin Germino

By the way, the Kindle Fire Rocks and if you don’t have one yet and can’t afford an iPad, this is a great device to have for those who don’t have the $500 for an iPad.

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