Porky in the Dog House

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Our Gronkle like Boston Terrier named Porky is really in the dog house this week after chewing on some Christmas presents left under the tree and almost destroying a Nintendo DS game that my son left out.  Even with teeth marks scoring the cartridge it fortunately still worked.

Porky was always a chewer and pulverized my outdoor drip systems repeatedly by ripping out and chewing up the rubber tubes or plastic drip heads.  I lost many plants due to not being able to water them, and few solutions worked effectively for long.

He also has been known to carry off a kids action figure and chew a limb off here or there, but lately his grab and chew fixations have reached an all time high and we are at the point where he will need to be crated or chained up in the yard when we all leave the house.

I can’t seem to get through to him, and considered just leaving dog toys all over but he wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between a dog toy and a kids toy and it probably would just encourage him.

The fact that this dog managed to carry a glass covered candle (not in a box) out the doggie door and chew off all the wrapping paper was nuts.  He also has been known to carry folders with papers out back and chew them up, literally he would be the dog that ate your homework if he had a chance.


He primarily does the bad chewing things when we leave the house and he is home alone, he doesn’t do it at night or while we are home for the most part.  Even with his companion Donut with him, he can’t stop himself from being a BAD DOG this week.  Santa going to bring him COAL!

-Justin Germino

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