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I really like using Rafflecopter as a means to enter contests and win with random draw, I like entering other contests as well as hosting my own contests with Rafflecopter.  There are several ways that I use to find specifically giveaways that use Rafflecopter and I am going to share my tips with readers who want to find the best way to discover Rafflecopter contests so they may enter and win some prizes.

Rafflecopter Contest Linky and Directory

First, there is a great blog called Blog Giveaway Directory, this site lists tons of giveaways and has a dedicated Rafflecopter Giveaway Section.  More specifically they run a weekly Rafflecopter Giveaway Linky which shows you all the Rafflecopter contests found that week so you can quickly find and enter them all from one place.

Google Blog Search Rafflecopter Contests

The second method I use to find Rafflecopter Contests is to use Google Blog Search and various filters. 

Go to

Type in “Rafflecopter <keyword>”

Keyword can be a specific prize you are looking for, or you could enter Rafflecopter and leave the keyword blank instead for general contests.

Select “Past Week, or Past 24 hours”

If you don’t filter based on recent results you will get contests that have ended a long time ago and waste your time.


I use this method to search for xbox games, pc games, iPads, Kindle Fire, Sony, Samsung or specific brand keywords and find contests related to those keywords. 

This works very well and remember the more entries you put into a contest, the greater your odds of winning.

-Justin Germino

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