3 Possibilities You Must Consider

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We are all faced with choices on a regular bases and sometimes decisions need to be made based on events of our own choosing, and sometimes you need to make decisions based on events that are thrust in front of you. Some people believe in fate, destiny, karma or other metaphysical or intangible force that drives “events” that occur when they seem too unlikely to be coincidence or happen to occur at a point in your life that you needed, wanted or in many cases wished it would not have happened.

When facing any event in your life you must consider the 3 possibilities at a minimum before choosing to take action on the event and decide whether a force of fate or simple coincidence is put before you.

Possibility 1 – Coincidence

Hypothetically let’s say you were down on your luck and used your last dollar to purchase a lottery ticket, this ticket then won a substantial amount of money lets say 10k but not a multi-million dollar jackpot which would change your life forever. You can regard it as pure coincidence, the numbers just added up and you were lucky enough that in your dire situation you just happened to get the random numbers. Hundreds of thousands of others in similar or different situations could have one, it is just you that won and was pure coincidence.

Possibility 2 – Fate

Fate would be something that was fated to happen, that you don’t have control over but will find a way to happen no matter the obstacle. Using the same analogy above, Fate is what made you decide to buy the ticket, fate made you play the numbers or selected them for you if it was a quick pick. You were fated to win the lottery at that moment and time and it had nothing to do with your circumstance, or any other random thing happening in your life.

Possibility 3 – Affected

You somehow affected the event to occur, slightly different from fate because you feel that had your circumstance not been the same and you hadn’t wanted, prayed or been in the same situation you feel it wouldn’t have happened. In the same example as the previous possibilities this could be that you needed the win so badly that you willed it, prayed, begged and made deals with light and dark powers both to try and gain the desired outcome. There is circumstantial information that mass prayer can actually speed recovery and health in people who are hospitalized like there is some subconscious force (for lack of a better word) that can affect outcomes or events in an unexplainable way.

There are of course other variations of these three possibilities and even option 3 may be a variation of Fate if you see it that way, but in this case I think they are different based on one occurring no matter the circumstance.

In any event or any possibility, when an event or situation is thrust upon you you have to consider the future, consequences and ramifications even more so than you consider the “how did it happen” aspect of it. It doesn’t matter if it is a confrontation with a person, a lottery winning, new job offer, new entrepreneurial enterprise or whatever. You have to consider what is the best course? In the case of lottery winnings some examples would be:

  • Should I save or invest all or some of it?
  • Should I pay off bills?
  • Should I repay relatives?
  • Should I keep it all as savings?
  • Should I have some fun with it and enjoy life?
  • Will others know and want some of it?
  • How do I protect it?

The list can go on, but you see where the point is. You have to consider carefully and put thought into each event though this isn’t possible in events where you have only seconds or minutes to decide a course of action like a confrontation or an impending car about to hit you.

I follow these types of considerations with almost everything I do in life, whether it be my day job and making decisions at work or my blogging hobby and deciding to engage in a new affiliate program, or try to reach a new audience. I always consider all possibilities of everything and think everyone should put more time into considering outcomes what you will do and less time into considering why did it happen.

-Justin Germino

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